About Us

IttiamInsite is a product from the Retail Analytics Division of Ittiam Systems. It provides intuitive, user-oriented analytics solution for physical retail spaces, a straightforward visualization and management application, and the data-crunching power of cloud computing to help retailers gain comprehensive shopper insights.

IttiamInsite’s primary goal is to enable retailers to adapt to and thrive in an increasingly challenging market by leveraging the power of AI based visual analytics.

Our Parent Company

Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted solutions provider to world leaders in video, enabling next-generation experiences through its suite of intelligent video technologies and solutions. Backed by its proven multimedia expertise and insights, Ittiam’s products deliver real intelligence to solve its customers’ most complex technology challenges, empowering them to deliver high performance, efficient and reliable audio-video products in rapid time. Ittiam’s solutions are at the heart of millions of lifestyle products that drive mobility, content access, networking and sharing.