Comprehensive Insights for Informed Retail Strategies

IttiamInsite provides accurate, timely and granular shopper insights that help retailers make informed decisions on store and customer management. The result is improved business effectiveness and profitability.

Retailers can also adapt to the new Post-COVID reality and increase sales and revenue by creating a safe, secure, hygienic and stress-free environment conducive to shopping.



Store Displays

Use data on the behavior of shoppers in your store to see what draws them inside, and utilize capture devices at the front of your store to understand how your window displays affect your overall customer capture rate.


Zone Performance

Gain a better idea understanding of what displays or promotions hold customers’ attention as they browse. Utilize heat maps to see where there is infrequent traffic or where displays might block customers from merchandise.

Retail Operations



Follow your shoppers from entrance to exit. Understand the foot traffic into and within your store, and utilize analytical tools to track how many shoppers who enter make purchases. Use local weather forecasts and seasonal trends to identify customer patterns due to external forces.



Use historical data about your store’s traffic to more efficiently schedule your staff. Make the most of your employee’s time by planning employee staffing levels and merchandising tasks based on hourly, daily, or seasonal traffic expected in your store.



Receive custom reports directly to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly. Set up your reports to see as much or as little information as you want, when you want.

Post COVID-19 Scenarios


People Density & Physical Distance

Track crowd movement and comply with physical distance norms. Also ensure complete control over queue sizes, wait times and service times.


Masks & Sanitization

Monitor usage of masks, gloves, sanitizers and cleanliness of surfaces and objects.


Temperature Screening

Monitor contactless temperature screening for individuals and crowds.